About Wandering Roots

Wandering Roots is a partner of Firebird Healing Alliance and offers workshops and events centered around various realms of healing and empowerment. Events focus on opening space for individuals to deepen their connection to self, while bringing people together and creating community through a blending of educational, energetic, interpersonal, creative, and movement based offerings.  They will often involve Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, Massage, Natural Remedies, Crafting, Song, Musical Instruments, Poetry/ Writing, and partner activities. Woven together through a focus on the elements,  each event has a harmonious and mindfully prepared transition from one practitioner to the next.


We offer sliding scale rates and karma service opportunities for people to get involved, take classes, and co-create with us.

Wandering Roots events are held around NYC and Portland, Oregon. They are sectioned off by 30 min- 1 hour practitioner offerings and often are in the following formats:


These events bring together 2 or 3 practitioners, along with the Wandering Roots team, to create a space where we grow and meet others on a similar path. They are donation based, with a suggested sliding scale of $5 - $25, with the intention of being accessible to everyone. Events are guided by an element which is infused into each practice. In the middle of these events, attendees are invited into a community circle to meet one another, share in discussions, and participate in partner excerises. 


These longer format events, from 5 - 8 hours, offer a chance to feel deeper into your current and to discover new practices in a supportive atmosphere. These events typically have 5 - 7 segments focused around a common theme. These events may focus on meditation, movement, lectures, or a combination of each. Vendors are also invited to offer their nourishments, products, or services at these events. Cost of entry varies depending on the event; sliding scale is often offered.


Wandering Roots is available for your events or organizations. We love to collaborate with others and are available to lead segments or sections of any healing based event; or to co-organize an event. In addition to workshops, we can set up booths for Reiki, massage, and other healing arts practitioners.


We are also available to organize events for your organization. Fees for organizing are negotiable. 

If interested in hosting an event at your space, collaborating with us, offering your services or products for events, or commissioning an event, please contact us at wanderingrootshealingevents@gmail.com.

Each Wandering Roots event is an open invitation to all people. We are trauma aware and sensitive guides that bring sincerity, mindfulness, and a full heart every time.


These events are also opportunities for wellness artists to collaborate and step into their power as healers, teachers, and visionaries by leading a portion of the event. Wandering Roots encourages anyone who feels called to lead or create to reach out to them with their vision or offering.


Wandering Roots is led by Kristen Volpone and Zachary Brady in partnership with Firebird Healing Arts Alliance.

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