Wandering Roots Outreach Program

Supporting hospitals, schools, and community centers.

The Wandering Roots Outreach Program is aimed at introducing different healing and stress relief modalities to those in need. Participants can incorporate these new practices with them into their lives to support their healing journeys.


Through a blending of different practices, including Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, and Reiki, these events offer participants the opportunity to sample the richness that each have to offer. Doing so in a community setting creates connections that may further support their healing.

Get in touch to find out more about this program or to discuss bringing an event to your community.

Supporting communities

We offer this program to any space or organization that serves communities in need including hospitals, community centers, schools, and elderly care centers. The only requirements are that the organization can provide a safe location with space to accommodate movement workshops, have a vested interest in seeing their community members heal and grow, and are willing to offer these events for free or by donation to their community.

Flexible Formats

We can format these events to fit the needs of the communities they are addressing while keeping true to our mission. Each event includes two or more different practices and time for attendees to discuss and learn about these practices. We can also include additional healing services such as Acupuncture and Reiki from certified practitioners. Length of event can vary depending on the needs but most should be at least an 1.5 hours and stay below 5 hours. Events may be themed around addressing certain aspects or philosophies of healing or stress relief.

A sample experience

An example event at a hospital may span for about four hours and include 4 half hour workshops including Yin Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, a Meditation, and a Movement class with time in between each. Throughout the four hours an acupuncturist may be available to offer trial treatments to patients who sign up for it. During the event a Wandering Roots organizer would also be holding space for patients to chat between or instead of workshops and ask questions to the teachers. The goal of such an event would be to give patients the ability to try different modalities without exhausting themselves or feeling overwhelmed.

Our practitioners are aware of physical, psychological, energetic, and emotional challenges. They mindfully will guide practices with their knowledge and compassion.


Our focus is on well-being and as such we strive to provide a safe environment where participants can feel this. We seek to guide the practices in a way where participants will feel harmony and inner peace.


Each practitioner that works with us has completed training or study, and has a licence or insurance. If additional insurance is required by your organization let us know and we will meet your requirements.

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