Wandering Roots have brought together some of the most creative, spiritual people to share their knowledge and practice. From my first yoga class at Bushwick City Farm, through movement and lectures, I’ve found a community and a source of healing.

Anna J.

I always look forward to the events at Wandering Roots. There's a breadth of practices, concepts, and lineages that learn and grow together, connected by a deeply felt, communal experience. It feels holding a shared secret to participate in the community that holds that space.

Emmet F.

My experience teaching at Wandering Roots' event Empower Yourself in Business was wonderful. Zack and Kristen have a gift of bringing together heart-centered people in our community who are committed to healing and learning. The event was organized with care and integrity, and I met many people there who continue to support my personal and business growth to this day.

Stephanie L.

I had the honor to be invited as a teacher for few of the Wandering Roots event's so far. Creating affordable and available for everyone healing experiences is directly aligned with my mission and I didn't think twice to support the cause. Each event has been professionally organized with care and support for the participants as well as teachers. We all could feel a pure genuine intention behind the organizers' efforts who are extremely trustworthy and reliable, and that is a true gem in the current NYC 'healing scene'. I hope to be invited to be part of many more to come and keep sharing my gifts with those in need. Thank You Wondering Roots for your hard work and beautiful hearts behind it. I deeply honor and respect you. Blessings ODNA

Olga D.

We are proud to have Wandering Roots as a part of our organization, and our community! Zack and Kristen are dedicated in service of bringing the healing + spiritual arts to communities and populations that might not otherwise have access to them. Since our mission is also to have healing + spiritual services be accessible, theirs aligns perfectly with that of our collective as a whole. We are limited by our location and the size of our space, and it so incredible to have this partner organization bringing these kinds of events to all corners of NYC. Wandering Roots events are always nourishing, informative, potent, and transformative. They always blend together complimentary practices + community discussion, which leaves the participant feeling holistically cared for and empowered. We highly recommend working with them and having them bring magic + healing to your space!

Sarah Rayne, Firebird Healing Arts founder

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